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Lifts/Elevators - A Modern Madantory Requirement 

Now a days the number of residential elevators is increasing exponentially as builders and buyers benefit from the many perks of having an elevator. Home elevators are an excellent choice, allowing for residents to age gracefully with their homes, well into their senior years, without ever having to sacrifice the freedom of access to and from their own homes.

What Sets Dream Lifts Apart From Other Lift Manufacturers in India? 

At Dream Lifts, we believe in making durable elevators that completely fault tolerant and require as less maintenance as possible, while functioning at maximum efficiency throughout. Our elevators are efficient, easy to use, maintain, and repair. We also offer our customers advanced elevators that are energy efficient. Apart from this, all our elevators are designed from the point of view of safety and reliability. The prices for all our state-of-the-art elevators at  (one of the leading lift manufacturers in India) are incredibly affordable.

How Dream Lifts Assures Quality?

Dream Lifts assures the quality in each materials by  categorised the certification hold from the suppliers .We are widely obtaining materials from Standard Manufacturer from Global Industry holding (i:e) TUV(Maufacturing and supply of Engineering products as per customer samples, drawing & specifications), CE(Certification mark that indicates conformity with Safety and Environment protection standards for products according to European standards), IRTEC(Safety components), BETAM(Certification for Over Speed Governor, Instantaneous Safety Gear, Progressive Safety Gears), International Standard Organization(ISO 9001-2008).

Are Home Elevators Useful?

Home elevators can also increase the value of a home up to 10% and are a great way to impress your guests with classic or contemporary interiors and rich technical features. Typically, home elevators are also used to transport linen or groceries between the floors of a multi-story house or a bungalow. Dream Lifts one of the leading lift manufacturers in India and the best elevator manufacturers in Chennai manufacturers some of the most advanced home elevator solutions in the country.

Which Typer of Elevator Should You Opt For?

If you are looking to purchase an elevator for your residence, business, office, factory, hospital, or otherwise, but do not quite know the basics of elevator technology and what sort of elevator is suited to serve your needs, then it is best to get acquainted with the three types of elevators. Knowing how they work and operate could help you make a more informed decision about which elevator and elevator company and lift manufacturers in India to opt for.

What Are The Three Most Common Types of Elevators?

Hydraulic lifts are designed for low buildings. They use hydraulic fluid and a hydraulic arm to operate the elevator car and are best built with the construction of the house because they require a large space or a piece of machine. Traction lifts use steel cables, a motor and a counterweight to move the elevator car up and down. Pneumatic lifts are specially designed for less complex, residential use. Designed in the form of a cylinder, these lifts use a vacuum system to help passengers move between floors.

Looking For Elevator Manufacturers in India? Look No Further Than Dream Lifts

Modern home elevators now take the place of luxury, technology, design, and aesthetics that reflect your style and blend with the eloquence of your home. Our range of elevators at Dream Lifts, one of the leading elevator manufacturers in India, can be your best choice as they are fully customizable and allow you to have just about every convenience you can imagine. Everything from the most basic unfinished open deck to fully enclosed cabins with safety gates and interior finishes such as hardwood, ceramic tile, marble, and granite, we have them all at Dream Lifts.

What Are The Extraordinary Features of Lifts Manufactured By Dream Lifts?

At our elevator company also use standard interior doors, so they fit perfectly into your home's décor. All Dream Lifts feature fully automatic controls and double numerous safety features, such as an Finger print access, Over load Sensor, Emergency stop button, Cabin alarm, Intercom with inbuilt Camera option and so on. If you want to install an elevator at your home, business, hospital, factory, or otherwise, get in touch with the best elevator manufacturers in Chennai - Dream Lifts, today!

Why Choose Dream Lifts?

Whatever your needs or the size of your project, we at Dream Lifts (a leading elevator manufacturer in India) approach every job with the same unwavering determination to deliver exceptional customer satisfaction, phenomenal services, and state-of-the-art products. Our reputation for designing and manufacturing highly advanced elevator solutions is evident from the fact that renowned firms such as Raghavendra Foundations,Harini Designs, Sri Ram Silks, Akash Ortho Clinic, MVM Archetype, Vairam Foundatios and others, form part of our client base. Being one of the leading elevator manufacturers in India, our attention to detail and our exemplary standards lead to incredible results and most importantly safe and satisfied customers.


Responsive Company With Good Technical Supports. Thank you Guys......

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We have installed lift before 3yrs, still it's working fine without any issues. Yearly Maintenance are on time. Technicians are too friendly......

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We have installed new lift, its working nice and looking good! Great work team......

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DREAM LIFTS are proud to inform the quality of our products are high in standards and give us a special value from our customers. Each and every parts are highly verified and tested products only allowed to install in the erection & commissioning from our valuable Testing Engineers.

Quality is a highly preferred from DREAM LIFTS. DREAM LIFTS are installing a wide range of lifts such as Passenger Lift, Automatic Door Lift, Goods Lift, Hospital Lift, Machine Roomless, etc.

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